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About helmets

There have been lots of discussions and arguments about bicycle helmets, even though the subject is quite simple. A helmet is a passive safety equipment that can mitigate some consequences of a crash, but doesn't prevent the crash itself. So by having a helmet on your head, you're not automatically guaranteed to be safe.

Of course, it has some safety effects in case of a headfirst fall:

There are also some disadvantages:

Some racers consider occasional crashing to be a normal part of life, because those who don't crash don't push their limits far enough. These wouldn't live long without helmets. With a standard self-preservation instinct, on the other hand, riding a bike isn't any more dangerous than any other everyday activity; much more head injuries occur when going by car or just walking.

Every now and then, someone gets an idea that helmets should be mandatory for all cyclists. I'd recommend to look at Australia where they already made it real. Some bikers bought helmets, but others quit biking, so there are now less bikes on the roads (by some 30 %), drivers are more surprised when they meet them and accident probability is higher. The result: there are more accidents now than before the mandatory helmet law and head injury rate didn't drop significantly (source).


Decide for yourself.