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Mandatory equipment of bicycles in the Czech Republic

If you want to ride your bike on public roads and streets here, it must have:

Years ago, bell and mudguards were mandatory too. Today they are not, but that doesn't mean they are not handy. A bell clearly tells people that a bike is approaching. If I hear someone shout, I suppose he is walking and I have plenty of time for evasive maneuvers. A car horn, on the other hand, suggests something fast and motorized, so I jump into a ditch first and look around later. Ship horns or locomotive whistles don't bother me at all - a ship on a cyclepath? Concluded: volume alone is not everything.

Bikes and other human-powered vehicles don't need any registration or license plate and you don't need a driver's license to ride them. It's also OK to ride homebuilt machines, as long as they meet the requirements above.

One more remark for the lights. Please please really keep your headlight aimed slightly down and don't dazzle oncoming people. Truck drivers may not mind much, but a cyclist (especially out of town) can't see a thing if he gets hit between his eyes by a photon gun.

Full wording of the rules and laws can be found in vyhláška 341/2014 and zákon 361/2000 (Czech only).