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SON Delux

Looks pretty much the same as the previously described SON 28, main difference is inside: Delux is designed for 20" wheels where it provides about the same power as the 28 in 28". Rolling resistance with lights off is a bit smaller. Brake choices are either nothing, or Centerlock disc mount (pictured).


Measured with a 50-406 mm or 20×2" wheel (circumference of 1543 mm was set in the speedometer), rectified by a diode bridge and smoothed out by a capacitor. Rescaled speeds for 28" wheel are included in the plots. For wheels of different size, divide the speeds by circumference of my wheel and multiply by circumference of yours.

Open circuit voltage rised to 50 V at 33 km/h, I didn't push it any further. Depressions in the 70R line at 15 and 25 km/h are caused by bad contact.

Maximum short circuit current is 590 mA (more than Son 28). You can see bad contact effects on the 70R line again.

Nominal 3 W are produced at about 18..20 km/h with a 20" wheel. With a bigger one you would have to pedal faster. The 70R line is wavy for the same reason as before.

Needless to repeat the dents on the lines are measurement errors.

The best equivalent load resistance is somewhere around 30 Ω again. If you lace the generator into a bigger wheel than 20", it produces about half watt less, but it may still be enough for LED lights.

Source data here (XLS, Excel 97).