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Cycling-related link collection

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IHPVA - probably the largest available information source you can find about human-powered vehicles, boats, aircraft and the like. Especially useful is the archive of technical journal Human Power.

Sheldon Brown's web - lots and lots of technical info about bikes and bike parts.

VeloVision - a very inspirative magazine about practical cycling and bikes of all shapes and purposes. Issue 52 from December 2016 was probably the last one, but you can still get the older ones in both paper and digital form.

EHPVA - relatively new european HPV association. They publish e-magazine EuSupino once per year.

Prague by bike - city cycling information website. Czech only, but their detailed cycling map of Prague is useful even without translation.

Myra VanInwegen wrote a collection of interesting articles about cycling, from reviews through technical instructions to tips for safe riding both onroad and offroad.

Radek's gallery of amazing homebrew electronic gadgets - lights, blinkers, audio systems and the like.

iFavorit - Ivo's web about Favorit and Eska bikes and various other vehicles. Czech only.

Jirka Hebeda is a tinkerer like me, but by several levels better. Czech only.

Coverage map of the endemic existence of recumbent bikes in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Auto*mat - an activist association struggling for better infrastructure for non-motorized transport in Prague. Also organizes some critical mass rides.

Carbusters - almost the same, just a little bit more radical.

Lehokolo.com - an internet magazine about recumbent bikes. Czech only, but there's not much to read and the photos are rather self-explanatory. Last update in 2012.

Yehuda Moon - a cycle-related webcomic.

Bikeyface - another cute webcomic.