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Bike parts reviews

This section collects technical parameters, maintenance and strip-down notes. Everything is based on my practical experience, so the data is solid, but limited to what I have tried so far.

Hubs and gearboxes

Cassette hubs are well-documented on many cycling websites. This one focuses on hubs with clockworks inside. Numbers in parentheses indicate number of gears.


Detailed volt-amper characteristics of various alternators (aka dynamos) and some other tech info. Letter T in parentheses indicates tyre-driven generator, H indicates a dynohub, R means rim-driven. Unless stated otherwise, this is how the output was measured:

circuit diagram sometimes I feel like Captain Dashboard

Measurement accuracy: speed ± 1 km/h, voltage ± 0,1 V, current ± 10 mA. The results are informative only, be sure to make your overvoltage protection powerful enough.

Various gadgets

Everything which doesn't fit into the previous categories.